Tuna, Uncanned – live on Amazon now

My wife and a few others have bugged me about writing my life story for several years now. So, I’m writing my memoirs, and I finished with them. “Tuna, Uncanned” is now available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle eBook.

Growing up in Louisiana, going to college and getting a commissioned in the U. S. Air Force. Flying “attack” jets for the Air Force, being a munitions planner for the Gulf War theater and writing technical specifications for a computer program for the Federal Aviation Administration. That’s the career side and it’s all in the book.

I talk about my first wife and how things went bad between us. I talk about my second wife and how things couldn’t be better between us.

I write about why I wanted to be a fighter pilot and how I got there. Then the story of my career in the Air Force. I talk about the planes I flew and the jobs I had.

I mention my hobbies like flying radio control airplanes and racing radio control cars along the way. My memoir includes discussions of the cars I have owned, and I’ve managed to own some impressive machines along the way.

I don’t expect to sell many copies. A few of my friends and family will get a free copy.

A friend suggested that I title it “Tuna, Uncanned.” She’s getting an autographed copy.

“Tuna, Uncanned” is ready for your reading pleasure.

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