Crossbow Revenge

I entered the “25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards” with Crossbow Revenge for 2018 and got the following review from Judge 14:

Crossbow Revenge by Alton “Tuna” Dobbins is an intriguing story that has fast-paced scenes sure to leave a reader breathless. Anyone who enjoys suspense and intrigue will want to add Dobbins to their must-read list. I like the fact that the book is well organized and has date stamps to help prevent confusion. The characters are relatable, and the dialogue rings true to each person speaking. The plot is interesting, and the pacing is good, with scenes that move along at a steady clip with just the right amount of transition. There are a few things that can take this book to the next level of excellence. The packaging is okay but can be better. The front cover doesn’t have something to draw in a reader. Consider a more powerful or symbolic graphic to create a story question. The back cover blurb is too wordy. Something that shows the conflict and what the characters are willing to do to solve it. Then finish with a hook or story question that compels the prospective reader to buy the book to find out what happens. Another issue is that the story is told more than shown. Rather than state what happened, allow the reader to go on the journey with the characters and use their POV to express what’s going by using their senses. What did they see? How did they feel? Were there tastes or smells that clued them in? I like suspense that’s written in present tense, so this was a joy to read. It provides a sense of immediacy that can keep a reader on the edge of the seat. Overall, this is an entertaining read. Good job!

While I didn’t win anything, I’m pretty happy about the comments I got on “Crossbow Revenge.”

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