My first book, “Crossbow Revenge,” is a fiction novel about a vigilante that takes revenge on corporate executives and their friends for the things they have done. The book is based in present day Houston, Texas and the vigilante uses a pistol-style crossbow to exact revenge.  During the investigations, Detective David Hill meets and falls in love with the daughter of a carjacking victim and we get to see how their romance progresses.

My second book, “Alice Was Not Her Name,” is about the murder of a young woman living under the radar as “Alice” in Houston. After her murder, the police have a hard time finding out who she really is and a harder time finding out who killed her.  Detective Hill and his partner Shar Lazzari first need to find out who the victim is then find out who might want her dead.

My third book, “Antiques To Die For,” is also set in present day Houston, Texas.  Middle-eastern artifacts are smuggled into the United States.  When a local crime family is ready to take position of them, the smuggler is murdered and family’s representatives are also killed.  Now the police are trying to find out why they have 4 bodies and how they are connected.  Detectives Hill and Lazzari get some unexpected help in solving these murders.

In my forth book, “HyperDeath,” an Aero-Space Engineer is murdered in his office late one afternoon.   His body isn’t found until the next morning.  During the investigation, Detectives Hill and Lazzari learn that the victim’s wife and the company’s CEO had threatened him the day before.  Hill and Lazzari need to determine which one actually killed him or if someone else did it.

I also have a few short stories printed in books published by the “Creative Quills Writing Group” of El Reno, OK.

My first short story is in Alternate Perspectives. The facilitator of the group asked everyone to write a story from the point of view of something not human.  My story was written from the point of view of my cat.

My second short story is in Tales and Trails: A Western Odyssey.  Everyone in the writing group was asked to write a story based west of the Mississippi River and prior to 1910.  My story is about a steam train crew in the late 1800’s in southern Kansas.

My third short story is in The Way We Were: Adventures in Childhood.  These stories may be true or fictional and are based on childhood experiences.

All of my books are available at in paperback and as a Kindle eBooks.

Crossbow Revenge

James Streeling is murdered in an apparent carjacking. Early the next morning, the carjacker is also murdered. The police manage to kill one of the carjacker’s killers and are busy tracking down the second killer, but as far as the carjacking is concerned, the police are ready to close the case. James Streeling’s daughter, Debbie, and a friend do not think this is a simple carjacking and decide to dig a little deeper. The daughter hires a couple of private detective agencies in a couple of different cities and things start popping up that don’t add up. The stuff Debbie’s private detectives are finding indicate that the corporate executives are conspiring to dump hazardous waste in the Arizona desert and that Debbie’s father was getting to close to proving that.  That points to a murder-for-hire operation against her father that didn’t go quite as expected.  Debbie provides all this information to her new boyfriend in then Houston Police Department but HPD doesn’t think it’s strong enough for any action on their part. Debbie’s private investigators start running out of new information and the police are still not in a position to reopen the carjacking murder.  Someone grows tired of waiting for the police to arrest the executives of a chemical company believed responsible for the hazardous waste dumping and the possible murder of James Streeling.  A vigilante starts killing people with a pistol-style crossbow.

Alice Was Not Her Name

A young woman is found dead in a hotel room. There was someone in the room with her before she died.  That person wiped down the hotel room except for a few of the victim’s prints and took the victims purse.  The police will have a lot of trouble finding her killer or determining the motive for her murder if they don’t know who she is. A man rented the hotel room with a stolen ID and credit card and is seen in security video leading the victim to the hotel room. After two days, the identity of the victim is still up in the air.  The Houston Police put out a press release pictures of the victim and ask for help in identifying her. A man comes forward the next day to say that the victim is “Alice,” a resident of his motel complex. Not long afterward, the police find an ID for the victim only to learn that it is a fake. It takes some guess work and intuition for the homicide detectives to determine the victim’s real name before they can start looking for her killer.

Antiques To Die For

An art and antiques dealer and his wife spend the day on Clear Lake with friends.  Afterward, he heads to his warehouse to take deliver of some antiques.  His wife reports him missing that evening when he doesn’t come home.  Early the next day, a body is found in a torched pickup truck along with the remains of 5 hand guns.  Later that same day, a vehicle is found at the bottom of Clear Creek with a body inside.  This body belongs to a suspected smuggler of middle-eastern artifacts.  The next day, two more bodies are found.  The killers stripped them of their wallets, cell phones and guns but they missed a notepad with the name Serge on it beside a phone number.  The name of the man found the previous day is “Serge.”  The missing persons report ID’s the body with the notepad to be the art and antiques dealer.  HPD finds three different blood stains in the shop where the 2 bodies are found.  The third blood stain belongs to the body found in the torched pickup.  Detective Hill and Detective Shar Lazzari, and HPD homicide, are now looking for the killers and the reason why 4 men are dead.


An Aero-Space Engineer is shot to death in his office late one afternoon.  His body is found the next morning by his secretary.  Detectives Dave Hill and Shar Lazzari are sent out to investigate.  They learn that the victim was threatened twice the day prior to his murder, once by his wife and once by the company’s CEO.  Now, Dave and Shar need to find out which one killed him or if someone else did it.  Along the way, they learn that the victim, who is married had a mistress.  Or did he?  Others in the company have things to hide also.  Dave and Shar have to sort out who had motive and the desire to kill.

Alternate Perspectives

Alternative PerspectivesThis collection of short stories is a writing assignment from our Creative Quills Writing Group leader. She asked us to write a story from the perspective of something other than a human. There is an interesting mix of ‘alternate perspectives’ in this book.  If a chair, or a gun, or a pet could speak and tell their story, what would they say.

One of the short stories in it is mine.

Tales and Trails

A western Odyssey

This collection of short stories is also a writing assignment from our Creative Quills Writing Group leader. She asked us to write a story based west of the Mississippi River and before 1910.  Several are western tales, as expected.  My story is about a day in the life of a steam train crew in southern Kansas.  I’ve been a fan of steam locomotives for a long time and a member of a railroad museum.  So, why not write about steam operations?

The Way we Were

This collection of short stories may or may not be fiction about a childhood experience.  Some are true, some are based on a true story and some are total fiction.