Antiques To Die For – Live

My third novel – Antiques To Die For – is finished and available at and

This novel has many of the same leading characters as my first 2 novels:  Dave Hill, lead HPD detective; Captain Montrose and Detectives Oz and Scotty; Shar Lazarri is Dave’s partner again; Debbie Hill; Beth Montgomery and a few others.

Middle-eastern artifacts are smuggled into the US.  An antique dealer, working for a crime family, is set to accept delivery to the artifacts and hand over a large sum of cash.  The smuggler hired a bodyguard to watch over the exchange only the bodyguard decides to hijack the artifacts and take the cash.  In the process, the art dealer and his bodyguard are shot.  One of the hijacker’s friends is also shot.  The smuggler had been murdered earlier and dumped in a creek.

A Brazoria County Sheriff is sent out to investigate a body found in a torched pickup early the next morning.

Oz and Scotty are called out when the smuggler’s vehicle and body are found later that afternoon.

Dave and Shar are dispatched to a murder scene the next morning and find two bodies shot to death.  After a little digging, it becomes apparent to everyone in HPD that all these bodies are associated.

During the investigation, Dave gets a little help from an unlikely source.

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